About Us

Welcome to Silver State Roleplay 2.0! We initially opened in early August of 2022 by two long time friends. We closed for a brief time and decided to reopen! We offer a range of custom and paid assets to provide a wonderful experience. Our unique approach to realism and professionalism along with a family orientated style of roleplay has molded our wonderful community. Offering a place where people ages 14+ can get together is one thing, though having a community built off of our love of gaming and willingness to better ourselves and the people around us is what makes Silver State an outstanding community is all aspects. Over the past 2 and a half years or friendship, Landon and Jayden have been in a countless amount of Roleplay communities with numberless hours, we have officially seen it all.. After countless hours of development of our server and many others, we know how to create the most interactive vMenu servers. Hiring the most trustworthy department heads and staff team, we have assured ourselves and the rest of the community to be the best server possible. We pride ourselves knowing that we can provide entertainment for the amazing number of spectators and fans that we have. Our years of experience has taught us to better ourselves and do what we love most.. Roleplay!

Interested In Becoming Part Of The Action??
We look forward to getting to know you, and having you join us on the streets of San Andreas. Take a quick moment to look through our specifications, and apply to one of our departments. You may check out our wonderful departments under the "Departments" tab at the top of the webpage. You also may find all applications under the "Applications" tab at the top of the webpage. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Community Limitations & Requirements..

As a community, we have several specific requirements to ensure our goals are maintained for operational success. To keep FRP to a minimum, we have a highly trained staff team to deal will members that choose to disobey our rules. Something we have faced much of in the past was, underage members that enjoyed ruining rp, witch is why we have a set age limit. Everyone 14+ is welcome to join the community; we will have obsoletely no exceptions, doesn't matter to us if your mature of not, if you do not meet the age requirement you are unwelcome. We as teenage boys love supercars and big cool trucks, but we do not want those to be over used or abused; yes, civilian is 100% public but we do not want to see abuse. We expect that every member upon joining the server agrees to follow our rules to the best of their abilities. Failure to do so, will cause you to be removed from the community.

Recruitment Process...
Like many other communities, we to have a specific recruitment process. However, we are not whitelisted; their is still a small process we require you to follow when joining an Law Enforcement or Emergency Service department. This process is the key to ensue wonderful quality rp!

Step 1) Fill out an application.
- Applications are looked at several time a week.
- An FTA/FTO will look it over and decide your status in our server.

Step 2) Interview.
- A series of short questions so we can get to know you as a person.
- This must be the easiest step of them all, we just want to know what type of rp you will provide.

Step 3) Training.
- We do not have an extensive training we just want to ensue you know our basic guidelines.
- Civilians do not have training, Fire/EMS have a more extensive training for quality rp.

Step 4) Ride Along.
- Not all members go through a ridealong step, all FTO's have the power to decide weather we need to give you an RA or not. It's just a formality to ensure to us that your ready for our server.

After all steps are completed, we will happily invite you to join us in RP. We know their will still be a few questions. For some incite, you may be in LEO, SAFR, and Civilian activities we only do not allow you to be in more than one LEO department at a time. This has been stated many times, YESSS Civilian is completely public; However if your interested in running a business or major civilian operation we require that you inform us in a ticket or a DM before acting upon it. We are completely aware that many more questions will arise. In that cause, try the "Contact" tab at the top of the webpage or let us know in a ticket. Thank you for reading this far, we are extremally proud of the community that we have built and all that we have accomplished with SSRP, we hope to see you with us for the best of our future. We cannot wait to see what FiveM brings us in the future!